Q1 How do we pay tuition fees to learn Mandarin?

For users take tapiooca online Chinese language classes from a country other than Taiwan, the only payment methods accepted are Paypal and EC-Pay. Please refer to the Paypal Here ( You can select your desired language at the bottom right of the webpage)

Q2 I am unable to register/ I created an account but I cannot sign in. What should I do?

If you encounter registration or login problems, please select "Contact Us" at the bottom of the function menu in the center of the website; then email us.

Q3 Why does the online Chinese teacher not call me?

If you do not receive your teacher's Skype invitation/call when the class is about to start, it could be due to one of the following reasons:
1) Please check your Skype settings to see if you can receive messages from someone before accepting their invitation.
2) Please make sure that the Skype name you registered under the tapiooca's account is correct. Please check if the Skype name you entered is correct by going to the "Change my personal info" section at the bottom left corner of the page.
3) The Chinese lesson may have been canceled by the teacher, there may be network connection problems or other issues.  Please check whether you have received a "make-up class coupon", or a notification email about the class being canceled.
4) Check your mailbox to see if you received a notification message about the successful scheduling of a class. If you didn't receive an email, it means you failed to book the class. All scheduled class dates are noted in the notification message, or you can log in to the tapiooca webpage to check records of classes you have scheduled.

5) Issues with the Skype system may also be why no contact has been made.

Q4 What to do in case of a sudden disconnection during class?

If the line suddenly disconnects during a class, but the teacher doesn't call back, please call the teacher yourself. If the class still cannot be completed, please immediately inform us of the situation by email.

Q5 If I am late for a class, can I still go ahead with it for Chinese learning?

Within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, you can still go ahead with the class, but it will end at the scheduled end time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, the teacher can mark the class as "student absent", and not teach it.

Q6. Once a class has been canceled, can I reschedule it?

After a mandarin class has been canceled, it can be rescheduled. But please note: if you are using a "make-up class coupon", you won't receive any reply in the event of a cancellation. 

Q7 How to cancel a scheduled online 1 on 1 class?

Cancel classes at least 4 hours before they begin. It is not possible to cancel scheduled classes within 4 hours of their commencement.

Q8 Why can't I schedule a class? It may be for one of the following reasons:

The contract has expired and it hasn’t been renewed.

Q9 Why have a class I have already successfully scheduled been canceled? It may be for one of the following reasons:

1) Problems at the teacher's side, for example: a power cut, internet speed doesn't meet the standard required, the teacher is sick, etc. (We will send you a make-up class coupon.)
2) Problems with the website. (We will send you a make-up class coupon).

Q10 How to confirm that a class has been successfully scheduled?

1) If the class has been successfully scheduled, you will receive a class notification email.
2) After logging into the tapiooca webpage, you can check "Scheduled Classes" in the "My Status" section.

Q11 At what times during the day can I schedule classes to learn Chinese?

tapiooca allows students to schedule classes to speak Chinese at any hour of the day; but please note that at midnight, 00:00, the class scheduled will be considered as taking place the following day.

Q12. Can children also take Mandarin Chinese classes?

Children may also take classes, and a family member may sit in with the student for the first three classes. 

Q13. Will there be any sound quality problems if I use a smartphone for classes?

Please note that when using a smartphone for classes, Skype sound quality might be unstable.

Q14 Can I record video or audio, or download images from class?  

If the recorded material is for personal review, we have no problem with that. But if the class content is uploaded to the Internet (any open network platform, personal blog, etc.), it will be considered as a violation of company policy.

Q15. Can an account be shared by two or more people?

At present, two people are allowed to simultaneously use one account only in the case of a parent assisting their child (under 12 years old) during the Mandarin lesson. Because a child might not be able to manage the account alone, a parent is allowed to sit in with the child for the first three classes; but after that the account cannot be shared, and each account can be used by just one child. For adults, two persons simultaneously using one account is a violation of company policy. If a teacher reports such a case to us, the company may give the client a warning, or directly terminate the contract.