Mari Yang
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您好! 我是瑪莉! 台灣台北人。


# schedule上開課的時間比較少,但如果你有想上課的時間,歡迎時間與我聯絡。
我的SKYPE ID : live:happyting777

Hello! My name is Mari.

I'm Taiwanese and originally from Taipei.
I have been teaching Chinese for 3 years. Right now, I live in Tokyo, Japan!

I can teach you Chinese in English!

I have lived in Shanghai before so I can also teach you simplified Chinese characters as used in China and pinyin!

I am from Taipei so I can answer your questions about traveling to Taipei and easy conversation needed for traveling!

Beginners are very welcome in my lessons!

Would you like to learn Chinese faster than before?

I will use the chatbox in Skype to type out new words in Chinese for you during the lesson, so it's easier to understand.

In this lesson you will be able to learn practical Chinese.

I look forward to meeting everyone of you in my lessons and help you study Chinese!

Seeing your happy faces in my lessons is the biggest happiness for me as a tutor.



中国語教師の経験は3年です。 今、東京に住んでいます!
上海滞在経験があり、簡体字とピンインもOK です!

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