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Hello, I am Sophie. I am glad that you are seeing this message and considering me as your Mandarin teacher.
Here I would like to introduce you a little about me, which may also be the reasons for you to choose me as your tutor.

▶ I am from Taiwan, and I am a native speaker of Mandarin. Everyone says that I have a very good accent as well as a good voice. And I know that I pronounce every single word clearly and accurately.
▶ I am a humorous and outgoing person, I always bring laughter wherever I go. I am also a smooth and talkative communicator. I know how to communicate appropriately in different situations, whether they are casual or formal. Besides, I am very patient.
▶ I have one year of experience being a language exchange partner (English - Mandarin), thus I know where the difficulties could be for a Mandarin learner.
▶ I have a master degree in Biology from the top university in Taiwan - National Taiwan University. Although my background was in science, language is my another strength. I always had good scores on both Mandarin and English when I was in school.
▶ I worked in global companies for four years, which made me frequently communicating with international customers in English.
▶ Both my mom and my sister are English teachers. I have experiences in English teaching, and I also have a good and understandable accent in English.
▶ I am enthusiastic in teaching languages, sharing the culture of my home country, and making new friends!
▶ I am the person who always prepares well before doing everything, same as for your class.

With my good accent in Mandarin, good use of language, educational background, the proficiency in English, the bright personality, and the language teaching experiences, I believe I will be the best option for you! Schedule your class with me right away, and I look forward to meeting you in our first class! :)

▶▶ Watch my self-intro video in both English and Mandarin on my Fb page:
▶▶ Reach me on Skype/ Facebook if you don't see a time that works for you.

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