Evon Wu
( tw1046tutor )

Hello, everybody. My name is Evon. I come from Taiwan and now live in Northern Ireland. I am a qualified teacher and teach both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. I have been regarded as an outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic Mandarin teacher. I look forward to meeting and teaching students via the platform tapiooca.com. I believe in the saying "practice makes perfect”, especially in learning a language.

The style of my classes is highly interactive. I make the drills interesting, which enables students to learn and improve their language skills in a fun and joyful fashion. Most of my students, toward the end of classes, will have a deeper understanding of Mandarin Chinese which is seen as probably one of the most interesting languages in the world today. Eventually, students will not only be able to listen but also to speak, read and write Chinese.

It will be my pleasure to hear my students’ questions concerning the learning of Chinese. See you in tapiooca Mandarin classes.

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