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Hello! I'm Trista (Jo Han) and I'm a Taiwanese student currently studying Medicine in Italy (Milan). I've learnt English since I was three and English and Mandarin have both been the subjects I'm best at growing up. I also speak little Taiwanese and since my dad is from Hong Kong, I can communicate with people in Cantonese without problems. I'm working on Italian (I got B2 in the examination last summer) and Portuguese at the moment as well.
If you're interested in Taiwanese Mandarin (or just Mandarin in general), which I believe why you're here, the cultural differences I've encountered in Europe, or anything you have in doubt, feel free to check out my youtube videos or simply contact me! I can't wait to lead you into the world of Mandarin in the funnest way or help you understand the beautiful language with its poetic history.

你好!我是 Trista (若含),目前在義大利米蘭就讀醫學系。我從三歲就開始學習英文且英文及中文一直都是我最擅長的科目。我也會說一點台語,而因為爸爸是香港人,我亦可以毫無問題地以廣東話溝通;我也正在努力學習義大利文 (以自學的方式在一年內拿到了 B2) 和葡萄牙文。
如果你對於台灣的中文(漢語)很有興趣(我想這也是為什麼你在這)、或是我在歐洲體驗到的文化差異、甚至任何你有疑問的地方,都可以查看我的 YouTube 頻道或聯絡我。我等不及用最有趣的方式引領你進入中文的世界或幫助你了解這美麗的語言詩意的歷史!

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