How it work

Instructions For General Use tapiooca

1. Register/login to your tapiooca account for Mandarin Chinese learning

2. How to book online 1 on 1 online Chinese classes? Pictorial Steps

    1) Pick a time when you would like to take a Chinese (中文) class. The latest registration for any class is 15 minutes before it begins.

    2) Choose an online Chinese teacher you like and use the provided filtering function. Refer to their facebook page to see their self-         introduction.

    3) If you have to cancel a booked online class, we require that you cancel 4 hours before the Mandarin class time or the class is considered         taken. Pictorial “How to Cancel”

3. Log into Skype Down Skype Here

    Before the Mandarin (普通話) class begins the teacher will connect with you via Skype. Please leave your Skype account open, to accept      the teacher's invitation. Then you'll be ready for class. (Please click on Instructions for     Skype)

4. Class begins

    For a 25-minute Mandarin Chinese language learning class, you can discuss topics you are interested in to learn Chinese and speak     Chinese with the tutor. If there is any particular study material(s) you want to discuss during class, you may send it to the tutor via Skype     beforehand for how you want to learn Mandarin.

5. Post-Class Note

    After each Chinese lessons, our tutors will prepare a review sheet for you which contains vocabularies and  sentence patterns of the day for     your review.     

Make-up Class Coupons

1. When the tutor is absent or the booked Chinese lessons, does not take place and the responsibility does not fall on the learner, we will issue you a Make-up Class coupon.
2. When the network connection is poor for more than 5 minutes, please email our customer service personnel and we will issue you a Make-up Class coupon. Time limit for the Make-up Class Coupons: The Make-up Class Voucher must be used within 30 days from the issuing date.
3. The validity of the coupons expires with your purchased course period.
4. Once you cancel a Make-up Course coupon, it can not be re-issued at a later date.